MIDEXPO company

midexpo_14_eng.pngMore than 20 years of successful work made “MIDEXPO – Exhibitions and Fairs” Company one of the leaders of international exhibition business. The Company is a member of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Guild of Exhibition Companies.

Exhibitions, organized by MIDEXPO, are popular not only in Russia and CIS, but also abroad. Annually more than 5000 exhibitors take part in MIDEXPO Exhibitions. They represent Russia, its regions and also such countries as Ukraine, Byelorussia, Japan, Latvia, Poland, the USA, Germany, Korea, China, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Belgium etc. The best equipment, technologies, innovations, presented at exhibitions, attract hundreds of thousand of visitors. Traditionally superb shows and presentations, conferences and forums, business-seminars and master-classes, competitions and demonstrations are organized within the framework of the exhibitions. Not only businessmen, but also scientists, politicians, representatives of social and economical organizations, Ministries and Administrative Offices, world-known western specialists give speeches at conferences and forums.

MIDEXPO events help companies in presenting their production in the most effective way, in showing all its advantages demonstrably, in announcing innovations and forming great demand upon them, in finding business partners and conclude useful contracts.

Our aim is development and prosperity of high technology in Russian market. The experience and professionalism of MIDEXPO team help effectively conduct business in Russia, present your products to huge audience at the exhibitions in the best way, find partners and distributors, lead a successful advertising campaign for consumers.

Cable TV Association of Russia

Cable TV Association of Russia was established in 1998. Yuri Pripachkin is the president of the Association.

The objectives of the Association are aiming at strengthening the Russian telecom community in order to facilitate the development of state-of-the-art multichannel broadcasting technologies. The Association has 110 direct members and memberships through holdings as well as 600 memberships via regional associations.

The Association comprises large companies with the multi-million total subscriber base that covers the largest part of the country as well as four regional associations. The relevant associations from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Kazakhstan are members of Cable TV Association of Russia, too.

Cable TV Association of Russia represents the corporate positions of the cable community in state authorities, experts community, information and consultancy center.

The Association is involved in the development of all the draft laws and regulatory documents regarding the industry. Being a professional community, the Association determines the strategy of the cable business development and proposes new ideas and business prospects to its members.

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